Roberto Attanasio

Roberto Attanasio

hello dears,
I'm a composer
and my best friend
is the piano.

I remember the first time I got close to the world of music, listening my father's vinyls with his turntable. During my childhood I was very shy but I always had the dream to be a musician and play my music on stages. When I was thirteen I started producing music with my computer, passing through many genres. I was fascinated by the possibility to manipulate the sound with equalizers, compressors and new digital technologies.

The first time I touched my little midi keyboard I tried to compose a little track without knowing anything about the instrument. In that moment I saw the piano as the best way to express myself and I started my music studies.

The piano became my very best friend, my lead instrument and now is my filter to the world.



Hope you'll find a sense of freedom at the end of the travel.

Release Date: 20/10/2017
Label: Memory Recordings

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